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The Sweetest Day Indulged Us with the “Linguist One Would Dream About”

On October 21st, 2023 when Arizona, Florida, Midwestern U.S. and parts of the Northeastern U.S. celebrate the Sweetest Day, Vital Language Solutions LLC decided not to deviate from the tradition and indulged our attendees with a very insightful and educational “Be The Linguist of Your Dreams” webinar presented by Vladimir Reznikov. The webinar focused on many philosophical and practical aspects and what it actually takes to become the ideal linguist. The webinar was a terrific opportunity for attendees to visualize what can upgrade their skills and raise them to the higher level in the profession.

What added even more taste of sweetness to our event was that the webinar was preceded by an exclusive 90-minute interview with the webinar presenter, Vladimir Reznikov, during which three different interviewers took turns to ask him an array of insightful questions about various facets of translator and interpreter professions as being described in his newly released Trilogy of books – “Translation Diaries”, “Translation Essays” and “Poetic Anthology: The Muse’s Will, the Wine and Quill”. Our presenter provided very interesting insights to what actually inspired him to write not fewer, not more, but specifically a trilogy of books, what it means to define and follow your own code of ethics, how translation and interpreting assignments can be compared to sprints, marathons and ultramarathons and many other concepts and ideas.

After our formal parts of the event, the interview and webinar, were concluded, we hosted two raffles. The prizes that we were raffling off during the first raffle were separate tomes of the Trilogy – “Translation Diaries”, “Translation Essays” or “Poetic Anthology. So, each winner got just a tome of his or her preference. The winners for this raffle were Yekaterina Maltseva, Rita Levina and Anna Elchyan.

Finally, our event was concluded with the second raffle. The prize that we were raffling off during this raffle was the complete Trilogy, and in contrast to the first raffle, here we could only have one winner. Our winner was Cynthia Hernandez, a Certified Spanish Interpreter and Translator from South Carolina.

While October foliage with its harvesting season continued, everyone enjoyed the webinar and walked away with useful tips and information.