Translation: Getting It Right

A very user-friendly and comprehensive booklet written by A. Aparicio and C. Durban that educates translation buyers about key factors to consider for choosing the right translation services provider.

The Translation Getting It Right booklet is a must-have for every client who plans to use a translation services provider and can be accessed in English U.S. as well as in several other languages including:

Interpreting: Getting It Right

A practical and easy-to-read guide that lists and describes criteria for choosing the right interpreting services provider for your needs. Just like in the case of translation, quality and accuracy is critically important in interpreting, so the Interpreting Getting It Right booklet is essential for every client who is looking for professional interpreting services. Download the booklet here.

Translation: Buying a Non-Commodity

A very informative and practical guide that provides a detailed description of various specifications that define translation as a non-commodity and explains how drawing up these specifications prior to the start of the translation project can help both translation buyers and sellers save time, money and energy and achieve successful results. Download the guide here.

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