Vital Language Solutions LLC offers a wide range of language services in 50 different languages and dialects that cover numerous specialization areas and industrial sectors. Whatever your service needs, Vital Language Solutions LLC will help you to get your message across any given medium and bring your message to life!

Document Translation

We translate numerous types of documents such as business plans, company brochures, financial statements, annual reports, product manuals, marketing brochures, legal documents, personal records, academic transcripts, certificates and diplomas, asylum statements, medical authorization forms, healthcare plan guides, medical research studies and many more.

Literary and Media Translation

We translate various literary works, texts for scientific documentaries as well as newspaper and magazine articles, news media reports and trade journal publications.

Website Localization

We localize the web content by ensuring that not only the text is translated but also all symbols, images and cultural elements are appropriately converted for the target locale.


We convert speeches, interviews, television broadcasts and other different audio and video files into a text form.

Editing and Proofreading

We follow a highly systematic approach to ensure quality of the final product by employing proofreading specialists who are subject matter experts and native speakers of the target language. Our proofreading specialists check completed translations for accuracy and flawlessness in accordance to standardized translation review guidelines to ensure that there are no grammatical, morphological, syntactic and punctuation errors, misspelled words, omissions and redundancies as well as to ensure the use of proper terminology, style and register within the given context.

Onsite and Remote Interpreting

We provide onsite interpreting services for numerous settings and occasions including medical appointments, patient-social worker meetings, counseling sessions, asylum interviews, client-attorney meetings, court trials, depositions, business meetings, conferences, conventions, trade shows, travel escorting, athletic events, hospitality events and many more. We also provide video remote interpreting (VRI) and over-the-telephone interpreting to enable several different parties like physicians and patients during telehealth visits, attorneys and clients during depositions, or clients and their business partners to connect remotely, especially if they are situated in different parts of the country or even world.

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